Bag Filter or Harmsco Hurricane Filter?

Bag Filter or Harmsco Hurricane Filter?


When deciding between a bag filter and Harmsco Hurricane filter there are several factors to consider:

Type of Contaminant

Bag filters works well with very large very heavy contaminants as they tend to layer in the bottom of the bag. A good analogy would be throwing trash into a wastebasket; cups, cans, soda bottles and paper all fill from the bottom up.  They do not cling to the side of the bag.  


Cooling Water / Chill / Heating / Boiler Water Filtration



Open Loop Towers are subject to wind-blown contamination from debris including leaves, seeds and pollen
from trees, plants, shrubs and seedlings. Sand and turbidity from make-up waters as well as biological growth
may form from time to time without proper chemical treatment.

Closed Loops and Boilers have problems associated with turbidity in make-up water, scale, colors and
biological growth.


Chlorine health effects

Chlorine in Drinking Water.Chlorine has been used as an effective disinfectant in drinking water supplies for nearly 100 years. Chlorine is considered necessary to destroy many of the bacteria in your drinking water , but what are the health effects of chlorine exposure?


Selecting Filter Housings and Cartridges

Many factors must be considered when selecting the appropriate filter housing and cartridge element for new filter applications. The following is a list of basic reasons for considering filtration in your process:


Cartridge Element Selection

1 - Determine the nature of the contaminant.


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